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Up and Down

Have you ever noticed a certain pattern in so many things about the world we live in?  I’m referring to the incessant pattern of change.  Nothing ever stays the same.  Economic cycles go up and they go down.  Domestic and international tension goes up and goes down.  The average temperature of our climate goes up and it goes down.  Our personal sense of well-being goes up and it goes down.  And on and on.

Here’s the good news.  Regardless, of how bad things may be for any of us, including you, the good times will inevitably return.  It has always been and it would seem it will always be, if history is any kind of an accurate frame of reference.  There is nothing totally stable in a human life.  The ups and downs are inevitable.

It is not whether you are currently “up” or “down.”  It’s your ability to stay focused on your long term vision and drive that will level things out for you.  Your goal is relative equilibrium between your up times and your down times.

Now, get up and go do something even if you are down!

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