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Up or Down

I’m always struck by how people speak and act but especially as it relates to whether they seem to have a positive or negative bent in actions and tone.  It further seems to me that we only go around once in life (as far as we scientifically know) and so we might as well get the most out of it.  Those two points made brings me to a continuing personal conundrum.  Why do some people orient their lives to the negative?

From my perspective, thinking negatively all the time is wasting precious time.  Negativity sucks the life out of life!  How can anyone get the most out of life’s wonders by limiting their options through negative thinking?  In my opinion, they can’t.

So, what to do?  I think it is an up or down kind of thing.  All of us get down at times in life.  It’s inevitable and understandable because life is a series of ups and downs. The key is what we say and do during those ups and downs.

I believe the ultimate point of leverage on this whole topic is this:  Down can be up, if we think uplifting thoughts and do uplifting, by the bootstraps, things.

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