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Use It or Lose It

What are you waiting for?  Don’t get upset!  It’s a legitimate question to those of you who are sitting around waiting for your life to happen.  It “ain’t” going to happen on its own!

I’m always astonished by those people who think they are owed something in life.  They seem to think life should come to them rather than the other way around.  I’ve got news for you!   There is no “other way around.”  There’s only one way around!  Or as the cliche goes:  Use it or lose it.

Literally, if you don’t make the decision to use the days of your life wisely, you will absolutely lose them.  Nothing or nobody can make them return.  You lost them…PERIOD!

Now, that said…get over it.  Fretting about your mistakes in the past is not going to help you do better in the future.  Let it go!  Focus on each new day with a sense of purpose as to how you are going to use the day to improve yourself and the world around you.  You won’t lose a thing and you will gain everything!

Dedicate yourself to end each of your days with a total sense of having used it up.  Otherwise, you will lose it.

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