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Valuable Preparation Is what Makes Things Worth Waiting For

There is a whole culture out there focused on barbershop quartet singing.  Now, I’ve never really been a fan of the typical quartet’s close harmony.

It takes talent to be able to harmonize in that way but listening to it leaves me wanting for Adele to burst forth in song.

When you hear a barbershop quartet, the set of songs they might sing can be predictable many times.  I won’t call them old favorite songs.  I’d call them just old songs!

I think every time I’ve heard a barbershop quartet sing they have harmonized the very old—Wait Til the Sunshines Nellie.  According to my research the song was popularized in 1905.  See what I mean?  That’s old.

However and amazingly, the lyrical message in the song is relative to my point in this blog post.  You can Google the lyrics if you’re that interested ( ☺ ) but the essence of the message is, if you wait good things will happen.

Okay that may be true in finding love but it takes something more than waiting, if you are to self-actualize in your life.  I have something to say about that in the following video:

It’s been said:  “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.”

What are you going to do to prepare yourself for the opportunity to be, do or have all you want in this life?

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