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Venture Capital

Life is an investment.  An investment in time; spiritual, intellectual and physical growth; people, places and things; and most of all, a total experience.

In business the key to growth is what they call venture capital.  Someone makes a capital investment in a venture they deem to be worthy of the risk.  Question:  Are you willing to put forth your own venture capital on the risk of creating a life of fulfillment?  If you aren’t, no one else will either.

So, what is the venture capital you need to invest in creating a fulfilling life.  That capital must come from four sources.

First, is an unequivocal belief in yourself.  If you don’t believe, there is no venture.  You have nothing in which to invest capital.

Once you believe you must exercise the will to continue investing capital in your venture over time.  Fulfillment doesn’t come in a moment.

But, if you are driven to believe and have the will to succeed, you must constantly invest in growing your knowledge base.  The ultimate capital of success is knowledge applied with determination and verve.

Finally, you have to constantly hone your skills.  It’s one thing to believe and to know but if you don’t know how the venture goes bust.

Do the above four things and you will have unlimited venture capital generating a life of soaring value!

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