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I want you to think about where you fall as it relates to the following opposed concepts or ideas.  If you fall on the negative side in the majority of the cases, fix it.  Positive results in progress while negative means you digress.

    • Knowing vs. doing


    • Acting vs. reacting


    • Dreaming vs. goal setting


    • Loving vs. hating


    • Creating vs. destroying


    • Unfaithful vs. faithful


    • Positive vs. negative


    • Disbelieving vs. believing


    • Can do vs. can’t do


    • Will vs. maybe


    • Strong vs. weak


    • Uncaring vs. caring


    • Disorganized vs. organized


    • Undisciplined vs. disciplined


    • Healthy vs. unhealthy


    • Untruthful vs. truthful


    • Why not vs. why


    • Tomorrow vs. today


    • No vs. yes


    • Exemplary vs. mediocre


    • Poor vs. rich


    • Good vs. bad

Enough already!  You know by now where you stand in the majority of the above opposing points.  In my opinion, there is no good in the negative and peace of mind in the positive.  Peace!

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