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Victims Accept Defeat and Victors Create Victory

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0341369_20140117-170515_1I first heard the word, defeatist, when I heard my mother use it to describe my attitude about an issue at the time.  It couldn’t have been that big a deal because I don’t even remember the circumstances that brought her to using the word.  However, her use of the word and description impacted me greatly and, therefore; I always associated the word in a negative vein.  I never wanted to be associated with being a defeatist ever again!

Would you?  Another question:  How could anything good come out of acceptance of or resignation to the prospect of defeat?  My answer to that question is the only thing that could come out of such an attitude is a negative result.  Something was lost rather that something was gained.  Oh…I guess you could say there is some benefit in learning how to lose graciously.  However, losing graciously is a whole different thing than passively accepting defeat before defeat is certain.  Anybody can lose but the key is not to roll over and lose.  Lose by having put forth your best effort and there can be honor in that.  Allowing yourself to be passively victimized seems to me to be a long way from honorable.

The point is victors have a propensity to overcoming adversity rather than accepting it as a roadblock.  They grit their teeth and redouble their efforts to overcome the adversity so they can reach the ultimate objective.  In short, they create victory out of potential defeat.

Which would you rather be:  victim or victor?

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