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Visceral Feelings Are Vital to Commitment

b2ap3_thumbnail_book-415012_1280You are reading a great book.  The author is incredible when it comes to developing a compelling plot with characters that absolutely resonate with you.  It’s a chilly fall day and you are curled up by the fireplace happily getting lost in your book.  Then, it happens!  The plot takes an unexpected and sinister twist.  You feel the terror deep in your gut!  Happy almost instantly turns to gut-wrenching fear!

You are experiencing a “visceral” feeling even though you are reading a novel and not truly experiencing reality.  It’s a story not a real situation!  Yet, the feeling is deep, powerful and very unsettling.  Your intellect tells you one thing but the visceral feeling in your gut tells you another.  That feeling moves you to slam the book shut and to catch your breath for a moment.  Yes, you will return to your book but you know you must shake that feeling first.

So, what’s the point becomes the question.  Well, what a powerful motivation can come from something felt at the depths of your soul.  One moment you were happily reading your book.  The next you were compelled to slam it shut and avoid it.  Motivation like that is hard to come by but energizing when it occurs.  So how can you harness the idea of visceral feelings for something and turn it to your advantage?

Search no further than your own dreams for your life.  Just as visceral feelings drove you from your book so they can drive you to your dreams.  Dreams can’t be thought.  They must be felt deeply if you are to ultimately realize them.  That’s the only way to get to them!

As you are thinking about all you want to be, do or have during the rest of life, focus your energies only on those things that give you a visceral level of feelings.  None of those things you want will come to you without commitment over time.  Commitment, as are dreams, can’t be thought.  It must be deeply felt.

Viscerally feel your commitment and act on it and all you want will eventually be yours.


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