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So, maybe you’re one of those people who is meandering through life and just letting it happen to you.  I’ve got news for you!  Life doesn’t just happen.  YOU make it happen!

The way you make your life happen is dependent on the way you see things.  If you see nothing, you will get nothing.  On the other hand, if you have clear visibility to your goals in life you are halfway to them.  Visualizing a goal is the first step, and the next best thing, to actually achieving that same goal.  With vision comes purpose and with purpose comes motivational power to reach the goal.

The more visibility in all aspects of your life that you have the more broadly you will achieve in life.  What I’m saying is a myopic view on life creates a narrowness in the way you see things.  You will limit your options and opportunities.  Open up your mind to all your possibilities and you open up your eyes to an unlimited view of things.

Think…the higher your visibility of the world around you…the clearer your life options become.

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