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Wait For It

I know.  I know.  Most of us in this day and age are much to impatient to wait for anything.  I, personally, think it has a great deal to do with our use of the ever growing technological gizmos available to us.  Take texting or email, as an example.  Both modern-day tools that are driving people nuts with the expectations for immediate response.  “I instantly send a text, therefore, I shall instantly receive a response.”  A thought too many of us have that drives me to say:  “Forgive me, but BS!”  And, I don’t mean, “By shucks!”

You can’t be always “on” and available to the world.  The mind is most efficient and effective when rested and, therefore more alert.  It can overheat like any overworked electronic tool.  An overheated mind is a mind fraught with danger from errors, inappropriate emotional reactions or shut-down in one form or another of mental fatigue or illness.

If you learn to wait, once in awhile.  Your mind can relax.  A relaxed mind is a more creative, alert, accurate and generally more powerful mind.

Mind you.  I know you didn’t want to wait too long for my opinion so I tried to write this quickly.  Wait…there’s more.

Go to this website  for mind resting ideas.  There’s a bunch of short quotes to help you “wait for it” more often.

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