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Want–To Have

Why do too many people wish instead of do; dream instead of act; know and not apply?

The answer is simple. The converse of each of the above phrases suggests the need to exert effort. Many people want things without paying a personal price of effort. It’s as if they sense their needs or wants are entitlements and, therefore, should just come to them.

The “breaking news” for those people is no wish is realized without the doing of all the things necessary to achieve whatever is wished for; no dream becomes reality without taking the necessary actions to bring it into that reality; and, no amount of knowledge is of value unless it is applied in some productive and meaningful way. Period!

So, what is it that compels other people to do, act or apply? The answer for those people is in only wanting things for which they have a great, big reason. In other words, they recognize the futility in wishing and dreaming for things for which they are not willing to put forth the effort to get them. Effort requires an emotional connection to the object of the effort. The more emotional the sense of connection to the object the greater the effort that will be put forth.

Whatever your wish or your dream, connect with a deep enough emotional reason why you want it and you will have it.

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