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Wanting It All

The idea applies to everybody but the younger people seem to be particularly challenged.  Oooh.  That got your attention!

Well, it’s true!  The youngest generation or two is at a disadvantage because too many haven’t truly experienced disadvantage.  The culture has become one of instant gratification.  So much money has been afloat for so many people that it was no object.  Whatever was wanted was provided…quickly!  No lay-away plan…no saving until we can afford to pay cash…no delay…NOW!

And, then, of course, there is the instant gratification for information and “social connection” that access to the internet brings.  Don’t have to work on building friendships just click a button on the computer and you have a new “friend.”   Go to Wikipedia and what can’t you find in terms of information…correct or incorrect.

Anyway, enough of my bellowing about the nature of our current culture.  To the point…Suffice it to say I believe there is something inherently dangerous about wanting it all and getting it instantly.  It sets people up for totally unrealistic expectations.  Forever, if you wanted it all, you had to earn it with passion, dedication, and effort over some reasonable period of time.  Then, when you got it all there was a very reasonable chance you got what you wanted exactly when you deserved it.  Nice balance, if you ask me.

And, then there’s the thought expressed by Oscar Wilde:  “If you don’t get everything you want, think of the things you don’t get that you don’t want.”

All I want is for people to expect they have to truly earn what they get!

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