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Warning: If You Think Average You Achieve Below Average Results

b2ap3_thumbnail_below-257882_1280It doesn’t seem to make any sense, does it?  You would naturally presume anything average is average, so to speak.  So how does you thinking average possibly put you at danger of achieving below average results?  Let’s explore that a little.

I think we can agree that if something is average it falls near the middle point of two extremes.  Using simple arithmetic as an example, the average between the number, 1, and the number 15 is 8.  In other words, 8 is the middle point between the two extremes of 1 and 15.  Got it?

The simple arithmetic example makes my exact point as it relates to you achieving above average results.  Consider this…if 15 (which would be way above the average in this example) was your goal and you ended up at 8 (the average between where you are, 1, and your goal) you did not reach your goal.  To put that another way, you achieved inferior or, frankly, unacceptable results, if you were truly committed to achieving your goal of 15.  Other synonyms for the phrase, below average, are:  below par; poor; low-grade; second-rate and substandard.  Your goal of 15 was none of those.

This whole line of thought puts into focus your thinking has to be elevated above the average.  You can’t expect to reach the higher goals in your life by thinking at an average level.  You can’t expect great results if you are only willing to put forth average effort.  You will never get to where you want to be in your life if you continue the average performance of your past.

Success is a journey toward self-actualization—becoming all you can be, do or have.  By definition, then, it requires you to go beyond mediocrity…the average.

Do this:  Think and act on possibilities not averages.  Even if you don’t reach your wildest dreams, you will still achieve way above average results.


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