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Warning: Perfect Inaction is Actually a Danger to Your Future

Man’s successes in the exploration of space and gaining the related benefits to improving life on Earth would not have happened without taking imperfect actions.  Or—how about the rise of the Third Reich?

When you study the rise of the Nazi regime in Germany, it was the people taking “perfect inaction” that resulted in its reign of terror.  People all over the world initially failed to recognize the rising danger sufficiently even to take “imperfect actions” to try and stop it.

Back to the exploration of space—Humankind would not have an exploratory scientific space platform orbiting at 3000 miles above the planet Jupiter, if it weren’t for taking imperfect actions along the way.space-probe-1522546_1920

One horrible example of imperfect actions in exploring space is the flash fire that occurred in the Apollo I command module.  All three astronauts died through the imperfect actions taken in the design of the space craft.

However, perfect inaction would have resulted in no further progress in the exploration of space!

Your future is just as subject to the risks of perfect inaction!

You can’t expect to progress in your life without taking at least some kind of imperfect inactions.  It is by attempting the imperfect that you ultimately get the perfect outcome you desire.

The challenge to you is doing what it takes to risk imperfect actions.  After all, who wants to fail, right?

Aah—but, there’s the trick!  Perfect inaction, by its definition is failure.   Consider the formal definition of the two words, perfect and inaction.

Perfect is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as:  “Precisely accurate; exact.”

In the same source inaction is defined as:  “Lack of action where some is expected or appropriate.”

The combination of the two definitions creates the epitome of the definition of failure:  “Precisely accurate; exact lack of action where some is expected or appropriate.”

Bingo!  If you wait to be perfect in all the actions you take you will be frozen in inaction out of absolute fear!

You can overcome that fear and make yourself a person willing to take imperfect action over perfect inaction.

Define Clearly What It Is You Want

Action (of any kind) is driven by understanding why it is needed.  If you define why you want to take a particular action, you will not be so fearful of any imperfections in that action.  In other words, you won’t wait around by taking perfect inaction.

Make an Imperfect Plan

Once you know why you want to take an action you have to define how you will do it.  By any definition, that’s called planning.

I remind you of an old truism first observed by Benjamin Franklin in that regard.

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”

The bottom-line, however, is if you wait until you feel you’ve built the perfect plan, you will be stuck in perfect inaction.

Allow yourself to adapt along the way as you act on your plan.  Even if you created the absolutely perfect plan, you will be confronted with unanticipated circumstances along the way that requires you to change your plan.

Persist to Perfection

The German people persisted through the misery of the Third Reich and finally took imperfect actions that, now, have resulted in one of the most successful nations in the world.

Through persistent effort man has gone to and returned from the moon multiple times.  Scientific data to improve human life is being gathered and used every day from space probes penetrating the depths of space.

If you are going to get “precisely accurate; exact” outcomes, you must overcome!  Nothing that comes out perfectly ever happened without persisting through failures along the way.

Your bright future is assured through following the above 3 steps in overcoming fear and taking imperfect actions.

garylogonewbrownsmallWhat imperfect action will you take in the next 24 hours to assure against perfect inaction?

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