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Okay, with the title of this post I could go a lot of directions.  We could talk about the water management policies of the western states in the U.S.  Nah!  How about the importance of the cycle of water for the entire earthly ecosystem?  Nah!  Then, there’s the debate about whether bottled water is really coming from the pure sources noted on the various brand labels.  Nah!

I know…let’s talk about water and it’s relationship to your purpose in life.  Now, that sounds like we’re getting somewhere!  Right?  Please say, Yes!  Very quickly, then, let me try to grab your attention concerning my point.

As succinctly as I can put it:  Water is to life what passion is to purpose.  To put that another way:  Water your purpose with passion and the river of your life will be overflowing with great and good things.

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