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What Are You?

Good question, don’t you think?  Let’s face it, if you don’t know what you are, how can you expect others to know.  Don’t panic, however.  We all go through stages in our lives where we wonder who or what are we?  It’s natural!  It’s part of the process of striving for self-actualization.  Confusion on this front doesn’t make you a lesser person.  It makes you a growing person.  A person moving forward rather than stuck in what you are today.

Think of yourself as a work of art that is lifelong in its creation.  You are the artist creating that work of art.  In reality, however, when you first pick up the brush of life you are an amateur at best.  Great art is not usually created from the brush strokes of a new artist.  It takes years of practice and creative thinking to rise to the level of other than an “amateur” artist.

If you want to be on par with the great masters of the art world, you have to create as they did.  They:


    • Developed a passion for what they were doing.


    • Studied their craft in depth.


    • Always learned from other great artists.


    • Exercised self-discipline throughout their development.


    • Practiced, practiced, practiced.


    • Defined who they were as an artist, through that practice.


  • With definition, exercised the freedom of their greatest creativity.

What are you?  You are like the rest of us…an amateur developing into a great artist.  Create with us in the world studio, won’t you?

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