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What Confucius Says You Should Do No Questions Asked

Who was Confucius, anyway?  Well, I Googled the name and here is a short but interesting biography of him.

The bottom-line of the bio states:

“Today he is widely considered one of the most influential teachers in Chinese history.”

The history of Chinese culture validates its amazing capacity for thought leadership.  Here’s a brief summary of that history.

I figure if Confucius stands out in such a deep and significant history, his thinking is worthy of being highlighted in this article.

Sooo…Confucius said:

When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.

Consider that thought in light of your own experiences of working toward your goals.  Ask yourself the question, How many times did I change goals when I met resistance to a particular goal?

Then, vow to change your approach.

Clearly if you subscribe to Confucius’ thinking you wouldn’t quit on any goal.  Rather, you would quit on the approach you are taking to achieve it.

There is another reason why you would want to do that.  When you quit on a goal, you naturally feel a sense of failure.

Failure can impact your mood negatively!  Your mood (mindstate) always impacts your thinking and your behavior.  The logical extension is when your mood is negative your thinking and actions will be negative.

Contrast feeling the negative impacts of quitting on achieving a particular goal with this.  When you adapt your action steps toward a goal because you have run into an obstacle, you won’t feel failure.  You will have empowered yourself to succeed.woman-591576_1920

Adapting to changing circumstances is a natural way to avoid dead-end failures.

Consider your favorite navigation system for a moment.  You love it because it always gets you to where you want to go!

However, my bet is more than once the system had to “recalculate” the planned route for some unexpected reason.  The navigation system didn’t quit on getting you to your desired destination.  It adapted and ultimately got you there.

All Confucius is saying is you should and can do the same thing.  Trust his thinking!  It remains valid after thousands of years.

These people did!  You can too!

What is a goal you are currently struggling to achieve.  How could you adapt your action steps to assure you get there?

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