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What Do You Have To Fear?

Okay…it’s a fair question!  You’re not alone.  We all have something we fear.  It’s natural.  And, it’s okay, if the fear is rational and you are managing it so it doesn’t negatively impact the rest of your daily living.  But, I have a deeper concern in asking that question.

Here’s the reality for too many people.  A fear…any fear…freezes them into a state of total focus on the fear.  That kind of frozen state puts a full and rich life on hold, at best and never to be realized, at worst.  Now that is really something to fear!  Talk about a total waste of precious time!

I don’t care what fear is freezing you into inaction.  That fear is nothing compared to the fear and heartbreak you will feel when you realize you have limited yourself so much that you have missed or are missing out on a full and authenically lived life.  Think how white-knuckled and heart stopping that fear is like?  And, if you don’t overcome your other fears now, that is exactly the final fear you will be left with.

That’s what you have to fear!  Do something NOW!  How about this as a first step?  Here’s a link to a great article concerning overcoming your fears.  After all, what do you have to fear?

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