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What Do You Think?

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0399426_20130712-175637_1Actually, I’m asking the question rhetorically.  Not that I’m not interested in what you think, you understand.  However, my real focus is to get you thinking about what you think.  The method to my madness is to make you reflect on the patterns of your thinking.  You see, as you think so shall you do.

Now, here’s the challenge…if you’re not doing what you want to do, in any aspect of your life, it is probably being driven by what you think.  Your body can’t do anything your mind doesn’t tell it to do!  Oh sure…you could claim that there are some things your body does voluntarily without you even thinking about it.  Heeellllooo!  The mind is still controlling those involuntary actions but subconsciously!

So, if there are things you want to do with your life and haven’t been able to do them so far, the answer to changing the situation is in your thinking.  Try these tips:


  1. Create an inventory of all the things you really want to do.
  2. Answer the question why you want to do them.
  3. Discard those things that don’t give you a deep, emotionally driven desire.
  4. Take an inventory of your thinking patterns that have stopped you from doing those things, so far.
  5. Determine why you have those patterns of thinking.
  6. Eliminate from your life those circumstances or practices that feed those patterns of thinking.
  7. Based on your new frame of reference for thinking, build an action plan to achieve the things you are emotionally driven to achieve.
  8. Make yourself affirm your new thinking on a daily basis in the morning and evening.
  9. Look at yourself in the mirror and verbalize out loud your affirmation.
  10. Sleep with peace of mind.
  11. Get up and do it all over again which, by the way, will be easier because of your new patterns of thinking.


What do you think?

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