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What Drives Them?

Interesting question but, then you ask, What’s the “Them” part?  What I’m talking about are your dreams…your aspirations in life.

Ever notice some people have dreams and never seem to realize them and others do reach their wildest dreams.  What’s the difference?  Well, it’s a two-part answer near as I can tell.

One part driving the reaching of dreams comes from inside.  It is the overwhelming, emotional connection to the goal or the dream.  Without that deep connection nothing will be achieved, probably.  This is because most dreams come with a price that must be paid.  If you don’t have that emotional connection you will not be willing to pay the price.

The second part comes from an external perspective.  Here I’m talking about what your emotional connection to your dream drives you to actually do to pay the price.  There won’t be much drive if the emotion is not deep and, thus the dream languishes in a state of you wishing for it rather than actually achieving it.  Not a good feeling.

So, to summarize what I’ve been saying in one sentence it’s this:  Dreams are driven from the internal but come true through work on the external…that’s what drives them.

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