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What Happened?

A good question, don’t you think?  Probably asked it of yourself and others a thousand times over your life.  We seem to love to ask that question because not knowing what happened or why it happened is not a comfortable position to be in.  WE want clarity…always!

Understandable.  However, where all of us get ourselves in trouble from time to time is believing what happened is what we are.  By that I mean, we believe our circumstances are because of what happened to us.  Results don’t just happen!  By choice, they are created.  Thus, your circumstances are created by your choices.

It’s not what happened?  It’s what are you going to do about it!  And, it is your responsibility and choice not someone else’s.  You get what you choose not what you “chance.”  Why?  In my book, the word, chance, is such a loser word.  I mean think about it.  One definition of the word is:  “the way in which things happen without any obvious plan or cause.”

If you want to know what happened, don’t leave finding out to chance!

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