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What Happened?

It’s November 30, 2009!  That means there is one month left to this year but even more astonishing left to this DECADE!  Where did it go?  What happened?

Here’s the more important question:  What did you accomplish over the last year or decade?  If you can’t answer that question with a plethora of positive observations about your course in life, then do the following.

  • Take a brief inventory of your successes and failures over the past year and/or decade.
  • Leverage the positives and minimize the negatives.
  • Don’t dwell on either…what’s done is done!
  • Vow to move forward into the new decade and year with a sense of focus and belief in the future.
  • Build yourself a life plan that will make sure your reflections at the end of the next year and/or decade leave you fulfilled.
  • Enjoy!  You’ve got this one life to live to its fullest.

Make it happen!  Don’t ask, What happened?

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