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What Is A Friend?

More importantly than the title of this post is why are friendships so important to a fulfilling life.  But, anyway, let’s deal with the title’s question first.

I think the best answer I’ve heard for defining a friend is a statement attributed to Aristotle.  He said:  “What is a friend?  A single soul dwelling in two bodies.”  Powerful, huh?  And, in Aristotle’s answer lay the seed to why friendship is so important in all our lives.

If you’ve got somebody who is a soul mate, you’ve got somebody that can serve as a mirror into your soul.  When you can see your soul you can be all that you can possibly be in this life.  If you can’t search your soul, you can’t possibly self-actualize.  True friends help you do just that and much more!

Trust the power of deep friendships!  “Two bodies” are better than one in almost every endeavor in life.

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