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What Is It?

I’ve spent a lifetime pursuing it and maybe you have too.  It can be a slippery, difficult thing to achieve.  It’s not easy and, so, to say it is a challenge is an understatement to be sure.

So, what is this slippery, difficult thing that many of us pursue throughout our lives?  In a word, success.

I think the thing that makes success so slippery and difficult more than anything else is the definition you ascribe to it.  Is it a destination or a journey?  If it’s a destination, what’s that going to be or look like?  If it’s a journey, what is the direction you must take?  Probably the most slippery and difficult question of all regarding success is, why do you want to achieve it?  Without an inspiring answer to why, regardless of your answers to the other questions, you won’t have the will to succeed.

So, what’s the best answer to why?  The best answer I have found, so far, is does the why make you happy.  If the why of your pursuit and/or destination of success makes you happy than you have found true success.  Success doesn’t get any better than “happy.”

Happiness is what success is.  PERIOD!

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