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What Is Your Intent?

Think about that title in all that you do with your life and how you treat the people around you.  Your intent has to be consistent with what you see your purpose in life.  Put another way, you have to stay consistent or congruent within yourself as to your mission.

The bad news is the above is true whether your intentions are honorable or less than so.  My hope for you is that your intentions are good and that you can relate the above comments to being better able to realize those intentions.  Good intentions realized makes one’s life energized.  It makes each day vibrant with the color of doing good.

It comes down to what is the root cause of your intentions.  If they are good, then life is good.  If they are bad, then good cannot be had.

Always be aware of your true intent.  Be assured others will feel what your intent is and act accordingly!

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