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What the Oxymoron, Comfort and Progress, Can Teach You

For those of you who have been reading my blog posts, you know I enjoy using the word, oxymoron.  You also know what it means by now so I will move immediately to making my point for this post.

Don’t you just love the word, comfort?  Without even delving into its formal definition, it carries a favorable connotation.  The word feels warm without any more interpretation.

Now, at least for me, the word, progress, can be more threatening.  The word alludes to change, in my frame of reference.  And, we all know change is scary?

Well, I’ll give you scary!  Scary to me is not living this life to the fullest!  My thought is we don’t know how long our life is going to last so we better take advantage of every moment.

I’m sure you’ve seen the calculation of the number of seconds in a 24 hour day:  86,400.  It’s well to be reminded of that calculation because none of us knows whether we are going to see the 86,400th second in any day.  We presume we have years left when, in fact, we may only have seconds.

Living your life to the fullest cannot be done from your zone of comfort.  The full richness of life is outside that zone.  You have to reach for it.  It will not come into your comfortable little world and reward you with its full pleasure.

A full life comes from experiencing progress in every aspect of your being:  spiritual, relational, occupational and health.  Progress requires stretching the boundaries of the known into the unknown.  That stretching can be uncomfortable at first…it takes you out of your comfort zone.

See what I mean about the oxymoron, comfort and progress?  You really can’t have one while trying to have the other.

So, learn from that reality.

Yes, it’s good on limited occasions to catch your breath in your current comfort zone.  It can be a great method for gathering your energy for the next leap of progress.  But, you must make that leap!

Reaching your full potential requires it.  Finding your passion is the key!


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