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What To Do?

So, here you are reading this blog and wondering what’s the purpose of the question posed in the title of this entry.  Well, it’s to get you thinking about your life and how you handle things that occur throughout it.  Think about it…ever get confronted with an issue or challenge in your life and say to yourself (many times with a degree of angst or low self-confidence)…What to do?

The key for all of us in these situations is to not overemphasize the “what” so much that we are frozen in anxiety and malaise.  Rather, the emphasis should be on the “do.”  Always, always, always we must do something!  The lasting legacy of your life will not be what you didn’t do.  Your impact on the world around you is measured in terms of what you do.

Is it easy to take an action when faced with many of life’s challenges?  Absolutely not!  As human beings we’re all pretty much the same in this regard when faced with a daunting challenge of some sort.  Our initial reaction many times is denial or disbelief.  We say to ourselves things like:  “Can’t be true.  I’ll close my eyes and it will go away.”  Or, some words to that effect. There is only one way to deal with life’s issues or challenges and that is to face up to them; accept their reality; understand the options; create a plan of attack; and then execute on the plan, i.e., DO!

What’s currently your biggest issue or challenge?  Whatever it is write down the answer to the following questions for yourself:

    1. What is the reality of the issue or challenge?
    1. On another piece of paper, draw a line down the middle and put a question at the top of the left and right columns.
      • Left column:  What opportunities does this issue/challenge offer me?
      • Right column:  What threats does this issue/challenge pose to me?
    1. For your answers in the left column answer the following question:  What are the things I can DO to take advantage of these opportunities?
    1. For your answers in the right column answer the following question:  How can I minimize the threats while exercising my option to take advantage of the opportunities?
  1. DO whatever your answers to the above questions suggest you should do!

Finally, think about your issues and challenges always with the following thoughts in mind.  True and total peace of mind and body only comes at the end of one’s life.  Celebrate the joy of having the opportunity to experience each day’s pain, anxiety, frustration, fear, and rewards!  The greater your enjoyment of these realities of life the greater your peace at the end of life.  That, in my opinion, is what to do.

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