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What’s Important

Think about what is going on in the world right now.  Yes, there is some really beautiful things happening.  Then, there is the ugly side of life:  death, destruction, just general mayhem!  Ugly doesn’t really describe it adequately…maybe horrific does it better.

But, that’s not the point.  It’s what’s going on in our minds when confronted with the ugly side of life.  The bone chilling fear that can grip our very souls.  Fear that stops us in our tracks.  Fear that stops us from escaping its grip.

The question when you are confronted with similar circumstances is, What’s important?  In other words, is it the fear or courage to overcome it that wins out?  To answer that question to your greatest benefit takes only a flip of the switch in your mind.

Only you can determine what is more important to you.  Some form of fear is always going to be present in your life.  It’s just the way life is!  In other words, you can’t expect the total absence of fear.  You have to decide that something else is more important and move past the fear.

What’s important is not that you feel fear but that you have the courage to overcome it.  Courage is a decision not an inborn characteristic!

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