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What’s It Take

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0382684_20130402-134344_1Throughout my life I’ve had an interest in what makes people who they are as individuals.  I’ve always been interested in their differences and why they do what they do.  From my earliest recollection, I would analyze what people were doing and think about why they were doing it.  Don’t ask me why that’s the case because I have no idea other than I have an innate interest.

Those thoughts bring me to some of my thoughts on what I have learned about people and their pursuits.  I find it interesting that a large percentage of people seem to care less about their life goals.  They simply wander through life from point to point without a defined and disciplined direction.  All of those kind people I have known have been destined for mediocrity.

I think it is a travesty to waste one’s life in the wallow of mediocrity.  Life is too precious for such a waste!  It’s been said before—Life is for the living.  In my opinion, a life of mediocrity is not fully living.  It’s a life of compromise that too often leads to disappointment.  I don’t think life should be disappointing!  I think it should be exhilarating!

So, what do those who live on the higher tiers of achievement do differently than the mediocre masses?  First, they find their passion.  Second, they direct their passion in a consistently disciplined way.  Third, they exercise their will just as passionately in preparing as they do in performing.

In summary what it takes to truly achieve at the highest levels in life is passion, discipline, will, preparation and performance.

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