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What’s It Worth

It sneaks by so easily!  In fact, it’s so sneaky we don’t even notice it happening.  Next thing you do know huge amounts of it are gone.  The really bad news is what’s gone will never return.  Which, under those circumstances, makes it worthless.

So, you have to think about ways to make it worth something.  But, your motivation to do that comes from feeling a visceral reaction to the question, What’s it worth?  If you don’t have a visceral reaction that drives you to the realization that it is priceless, your life won’t be worth the birth certificate it’s written on!

You see…your life is your time.  Without time you don’t have a life.  The problem is none of us know how much time we have.  When you don’t know how much time you have, you might not feel you have a way of placing a value on it that gives you that visceral reaction I mentioned.  Time without passion is lost to inaction.

You have to become conscious of your time regardless of not knowing how much you have in the future.  You and you alone can answer the question, What’s it worth?  To create value out of the priceless thing we call time do, at least, the following things:


    • Create a passionate purpose(s) for using your time wisely.


    • At the end of each day take 15 minutes to review all the things you did that day toward meeting your purpose.


    • Within that same 15 minutes, define specifically what you are going to do in the near term to stay on track, i.e., revise your to-do list.


    • With your passionate purpose(s) and plans in place, stop the mainspring in your mind and get some rest.


    • Next day always emphasize getting the goals for that day completed…don’t allow lesser priorities to override your passionate purpose.


  • Do the previous five things daily for the rest of your life.

Your time.  What’s it worth?  it’s limited so it’s priceless!  Pay the price and use it for all it’s worth!

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