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What’s It Worth?

Given the recent events in sports, national politics as well as international politics, I thought it was worth getting us all to think about our answer to the above question.  Especially, when the reality is in this life, once it’s gone it “ain’t” comin’ back!

I mean…think about it.  Most things in life can be lost and subsequently found.  Examples.  You lose a personal article of some sort and find it days later under the seat of the car.  You lose your way to a new friends house but finally figure out the route and successfully arrive.  You lose fifty pounds only to find six months later you’ve gained them all back.  You lose contact with school friends and find them on Facebook decades later.  You lose $500 dollars at the crap table and…well, some things “ain’t” comin’ back and gambling loses are probably a prime example!

Another prime example of something once lost that “ain’t” comin’ back is your credibility.  You either have it or you don’t.  There is no middle ground.  It’s impossible to have only some credibility.  Why?  Well, just one definition of the word is:  “able to be believed.”  Where’s the middle ground in that definition?  Can you really believe somebody in some things and maybe not in other things?  If you can’t believe them in some things, are you really sure you can believe them in other things?  Are you really sure?

No, once you’ve lost your credibility it is gone forever.  There will always be lingering doubt by someone.  So, it’s gone, folks!!

In that context, what’s it worth to you to have untainted, unquestionable, unequivocal credibility?  I suggest it’s absolutely worth never putting yourself in a position to where you will have to wonder.  That’s priceless!

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