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What’s Your Excuse”

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0399426We’ve all made them from time to time.  In a way, it’s natural.  On the other hand, it can be fatal.  Why would we make them, if that’s the case?  Answer:  Because we don’t want to pay the price of having to face our reality!

Life is too short to spend it in a maze of excuses.  If you want to truly self actualize, you have to own your responsibility for results.  They are your results…not someone elses.  PERIOD.  End of story!

Of course you could make the ultimate excuse that all the difficulties in your life are stopping you from becoming all you can be.  Oh!  Well, look in the mirror   as you consider these people:

  • King David
  • Jesus Christ
  • Mohammed
  • Joan of Arc
  • Christopher Columbus
  • George Washington
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Helen Keller
  • Winston Churchill
  • Christopher Reeve

Just to name a few!

They exemplify something Edward R. Murrow said.  “Difficulty is the excuse history never accepts.”  The aforementioned people didn’t allow their difficulties to stop them from placing their considerable mark on the history of the human race.  No excuses for them!

What’s your excuse?  Hopefully, you have none, now, and you will get on with the opportunity to become all you can be.

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