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What’s Your Worth?

Maybe the title to this post should be asking a different question?  Say, like, Why are you worthless? or, How do you measure your worth?

It’s important that you have an answer to any of those questions.  The reason is if you don’t know your worth (value), you have no basis for giving to others.  If you don’t give to others, you truly are worthless to them and yourself.

You have to get yourself to a point in life where your sense of giving far outweighs you sense of receiving.  It’s the old adage, The more you give the more you get!  It sounds contradictory but the fact is your true abundance lies in the worth that you distribute to others.

By the way, I’m not reserving this discussion only to your material worth.  While material wealth can be very helpful to yourself and others, it is not the only measure of your worth.  Put it in the perspective of an unknown author.

“The real measure of your wealth is how much you’d be worth if you lost all your money.”

Again, I ask:  What’s your worth?

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