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When First Is Last You Lose

It can be a terrible sense of embarrassment.   That is, if you really are humble and honest enough with yourself. We can all be guilty of it on occasion but if we are guilty it can impact our potential for success in life.

To illustrate my point, there was a story several months ago that went viral on almost every form of social media. The circumstances surrounding the story should have never even happened! Success was at hand…except…

Here’s a link to a short video of what happened in this story.

Have you ever been there in one way or another? You got to feeling so full of yourself you put yourself on a pedestal. You became a legend in your own mind, as they say. Clearly you were “first” among unequals!!

Hey, we can all get to feeling so good about ourselves that we lose sight of the impact we are having on other people. In a way, it’s natural…but it’s dangerous.

You can lose more than you gain when you focus on yourself first and put others’ feelings last.

What will usually happen is other people will take offense. As a consequence, they will put you last in their priorities because you think of yourself first. That’s exactly what I mean in the title to this post: When First Is Last You Lose.

It doesn’t make any difference where you place yourself in your mind. What really matters is where other people place you in theirs.

Yeah, I know. There are those who would disagree with that observation I just made.

Here’s my point, however. I’m not saying you should feel less of a person because others don’t hold you in as high regard as you might hold yourself.

But, you cannot be all you can be in this life solely under your own power. You need the help of other people.

The challenge is they won’t help you if they don’t like you! Here’s an interesting article to support that point.

So, when you put yourself “first” among unequals, people will not like or trust you! They WILL put you last in their priorities!

There is a huge difference between humble self-confidence and self-centered arrogance.

Self-confidence is defined as: “to be secure in yourself and your abilities.” Self-centered is defined as: “concerned solely with one’s own desires, needs, or interests.”

Hmmm…no wonder people will take the actions noted in the above referenced interesting article!

Here’s what you have to do to not put yourself “first” among unequals and, therefore, last in the minds of other people.

In all things, perform to the best of your ability but be humble in your sense of accomplishment.

Acknowledge, first, the contributions other people have made to the success of your efforts.

Give more than you ever get…in other words, put other people first and they will put you “first” among equals.

Help other people as they have helped you. Have you heard the gist of that idea before? ☺

The result of such actions will be nobody is last and everybody wins first.

Crop of GNCC ShotWhat are some of the things you do to keep your ego in check, remain humble, yet feeling self-confident?

Please share your thoughts by commenting below.  

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