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When You Are Tempted Immediately Preempt It

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0426505_20131029-142930_1Don’t deny it!  Look in the mirror and answer the question:  How many times in the last month have I been pulled off course because I allowed temptation to overwhelm me?  Don’t beat yourself up!  If we are all honest with ourselves, we’ve all “been there done that.”  My point in writing this post is to help you not do “that” again.

The word, preempt, has an interesting ring to it.  To me, it sounds very forceful…very pro-active.  If ever there was a critical key to self-actualizing in this life it’s being pro-active.  You can’t wait for you to become all you can be.  You have to make yourself become all you can be.  Waiting around for your destiny preempts you from making the choice to achieve it.

There’s that word again…preempt.  My preferred definition of preempt is “to appropriate, seize or act for oneself before others.”  Powerful, don’t you think?  However, the power is only in the action.  In other words you can’t preempt something unless you pro-act against it.

Think about the concept of being tempted by contrast to the concept of preempt.  The word, tempt, has a number of meanings but one that strikes me that is directly relative to this discussion is:  “To entice, to commit an unwise or immoral act especially by a promise of reward.”  A very powerful definition in its own right.

So, how do you avoid the clash in your life between being tempted and preempting temptation so you can stay on your chosen course toward self-actualization.  In two words, emotional connection.  The deeper and more visceral your emotional connection to your goals the less the chance temptation will get in your way.

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