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When You Know…You Grow!

There’s a wonderful story that vividly demonstrates the need to never get tired of acquiring new knowledge whatever your pursuit or station in life. The story expresses a thought by Winston Churchill who was driven to ever higher levels of knowledge throughout his life. He was the epitome of the learned person who applied that knowledge in powerful ways.

The setting for this story is during World War II just before the battle of El Alamein in North Africa.

Winnie summoned his military leader, Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery and suggested that he study the logistics of the impending battle. It’s important to note that Montgomery was relatively diminutive in stature but large in ego. His reaction to Churchill’s suggestion would confirm that last fact. Montgomery doubted that he should become knowledgeable in the details of the logistics concerning the battle. “After all,” he said, “You know what they say, familiarity breeds contempt.” Churchill replied, “I would like to remind you that without a degree of familiarity, we could not breed anything.”

Your “familiarity” with all of the knowledge you can acquire can be nourishment to your soul and fuel to drive your highest level of achievement in life. Your acquisition of knowledge is truly one of the greatest gifts you can receive in life.

As Winston Churchill once said, on another topic but just as relevant here, “Never! Never! Never give up! And, so it should be concerning your drive to acquire ever greater knowledge.


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