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When You Overreact People Think You Are Cracked

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900385540WTF…we all know what that means, right?  Since in writing the contents of this blog I resist the use of profanity or coarse language in general, I will not define WTF for you.  Google it!  My point in using it is to illustrate just one example of how people can overreact.  Without thinking more and more people seem to sprinkle frequent WTFs in their response to other people.

While the term may be currently popular, my guess is more people wince at its use then respond favorably.  Another one that gripes me is when people overreact by using the term, friggin’ or freaking.  Hellooo, don’t we all know the origin of either of those words?  When did the use of that four letter word become the acceptable norm in a civilized society?

The bottom-line is when you overreact toward other people in whatever the circumstances their reaction, at best, will be shock or, at worst, anger.  Emotions of shock and anger do not promote cogent and productive conversations.  Powerful and effective communication with another person is built on rational empathy for both sides of the conversation.  Rational empathy is impossible to display when you look mentally out of control or cracked, if you will.

The world, in general, is crying out for civilized approaches to the differences of people and their needs.  The word, civil, can loosely be defined as people communicating in a way where they are only as polite as they need to be in order to not be rude.  What a concept!  Nothing in that definition validates overreaction to other people’s positions as being civil.

Civility gets things done by drawing people together so they can problem solve.  Overreaction leaves people thinking you are emotionally cracked and totally cracks the chance for mutual understanding.

WTF…try being more civil!  (Sorry!  The use of the term seemed so appropriate here.)  You will find people like it and like you better.

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