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When You Sabotage Yourself You Sabotage Your Success

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0437308It sounds so ominous…sabotage!  Frankly, it is ominous in any context.  Most of us might think about the idea of deliberate subversion (sabotage) in the context of international intrigue.  A “007” kind of thing or as in the current rash of internet hacking activities.  Regardless things begin to feel very unsafe when thinking about any form of sabotage.

However, let’s bring this idea of deliberate subversion down to a more personal level.  Could it be that in some way you are involved in an act or process that’s tending to hamper or hurt your progress in life?  In other words, are you sabotaging yourself at every turn by hampering your thinking in some way?  If you are, you are hurting nobody but yourself…and in very dramatic ways.

Your success in life is directly and dynamically driven by the choices you make.  Your choices are hampered or hurt by how you think.  Whatever you believe is what you will perceive about those options you have at any given point is life.  If you believe you can do anything, you can.  If you believe you can’t, BINGO!  You have just sabotaged any chance of making a good choice and ultimately realizing success.

Rather than using “sabotage thinking” use “switch thinking.”  By that I mean, any time you sense your limited or negative thinking is sabotaging your ability to make choices that promote your success force yourself to some kind of alternative thinking.  Don’t sabotage…switch!

Here’s a few examples to illustrate my point:

  •          Can’t vs. can
  •          No vs. yes
  •          No chance vs. every chance
  •          Empty vs. less than full
  •          Lousy vs. less than ideal
  •          I’ll never make it vs. when I get there
  •         I don’t believe I can vs. I know I can

You get the idea and you can probably come up with hundreds more examples.  The examples are to show what “sabotage thinking” looks life.  The key is how to flip the switch.  Put this thought in the front of your mind whenever you feel you’re sabotaging your potential success:

In all things I will force myself to search out reasons why rather why not before I make a choice of direction.

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