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Where Is It?

b2ap3_thumbnail_00448367Okay…so you’ve never found it.  Which, of course, makes the question in the title of this post premature for you.  On the other hand, it’s an extremely important question for which if you never find the answer will leave you with less than a fulfilling life.  And, by the way, you’re not alone!  We all have to come up with the answer or we all suffer the same fate.

So, can the answer be found in fame and fortune?  Alternatively, could the answer lie in a reclusive and “back to nature” lifestyle?  I know!  How about just the opposite?  A life lived in the throbbing heart of one of the world’s great cities.  Or, of course, could the answer lie in a balance between a “back to nature” lifestyle and one of big city living?

All of these questions can lead you to feeling like you’re in the vortex of a vicious circle.  I can guarantee you the answer does not lie in living within a vicious circle.  We’re talking about peace of mind, here!  Living within the unsettling circumstances of a vicious circle could not possibly allow for that sense of happiness we all seek.

There’s the key point!  Don’t be frustrated by the fact that your own peace of mind has not just fallen into your lap, so to speak.  Peace of mind is not a “come to” kind of thing.  Peace of mind is a “go to” thing.  You have to search for it.  It will not just come to you.

Peace of mind in your life comes because you are open to searching all options in life without expecting a defining result.  Peace of mind is not a destination.  It is an experience that is the sum of all your effort to find it.

Where is it?  Peace of mind is in the determined search for it.

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