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Which Comes First?

There are lots of things in life that offer the conundrum of what comes first.  It’s the old “chicken or the egg thing,” you know.  While it might not seem important to consider what comes first because the answer many times can seem so unclear, the fact is in some situations it’s critical to know the order of things.

Take for example the idea of taking action vs. thinking before you act.  Clearly, it would seem apparent that you should always think before you act, right?  On the other hand, if you don’t take action because of over-thinking the situation an opportunity of a lifetime could very well be missed.  So, which is it:  Thinking before you act or acting before you think.

Well, you have to think like a person of action.  You’ve got to attack your life from a proactive bent not from one of passivity.  Too often passivity drives inactivity.  If you’re inactive, by definition you are totally out of the game.

Conversely, you have to act in a thoughtful way.  Thoughtless acts cannot be retracted.  They’re done and the impact is immediate and potentially damaging beyond repair.

So, we’re left with the fact in one paragraph above the word think comes before act and in the other act comes before thought.  The only conclusion I can come to is, as the context of the words are discussed in this post, they have to go together if you are going to achieve the most successful results.

Which comes first than becomes a moot point because both words are complementing each other.

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