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Who Is the Most Valuable Guide in Your Life?

You’re on a vacation trip.  Let’s say it’s to the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River in Arizona.  You’ve seen pictures of it but you want to see and feel its depth and grandeur through your own personal experience.

You could choose to stand on the South Rim and enjoy the vista and power of the picture before you.  Or, you could choose to take the Skywalk that juts over the rim and potentially experience unimaginable vertigo!  ☺

In the case of something as unique as a visit to the Grand Canyon, you could choose to take a guided tour down to the Canyon floor a mile below the rim.  Given the treacherous nature of such a trek, it probably would be wise to hire a professional to get you there and back safely.

Any one of the above choices could be a good one for you depending on your personal circumstances and interests.  However, when it comes to the trip of your life, there may be another choice of even greater value.

The following brief video explains the “who and why” of this choice.

Who do you think is the best guide for you?  Why do you feel that way?

Please share your thoughts by commenting below.  

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