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Who’s on First

Many of us get so wrapped up in ourselves and our world that we forget our relationship to the big picture.  We’re so invested in us that we forget them!  We live by a phrase from a song by Country singer, Toby Keith , who sings:  “I wanna talk about me, me, me!”

Well, does the rest of the world really “wanna talk about you, you, you”?  In most cases, I think not!  After all, the world, in general, was here first.  Why should it and the people in it give two hoots about you and your world?  On the other hand, there is a way the world may take notice of you but that way is not through a self-serving focus.

The world or life, as it were, will be more interested in you first, if you put other people’s interests first.  Do yourself a favor.  Give up on you as the focus and think about all of them first.  You will be amazed at how your life will change for the better and those things that make you so narrow in focus now will just melt away.

For those of you where that thinking will be a first, congratulations!

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