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Who’s the Boss?

Okay, so you think things are out of your control.  You think it’s the fault of other people that things are what they are.  You’re convinced you’re doing everything you can and things still aren’t working out.  It’s not possible for you to get to where you want to go…so, you think.

First, it isn’t about them.  It’s about you.  Your personal accountability is what is in question here.  If you want it, you’ve got to own it.  You can’t expect the actions of others to get it for you or, for that matter, take it from you.

Everyday is a new day…a new dawn…a new beginning.  Everyday you can choose to become personally accountable for your own actions in your life.  End everyday with a brief review of what you accomplished toward that days objectives and then build your action plan for the next day.  It will be the best 15 or 20 minutes of your day.  It will give you direction and put you in charge.

After all, who’s the boss?  You or them!

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