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Why Wait?

I’m halfway through reading a book of which the first half of the title is as noted in the title of this blog post.  The second half of the title makes the following statement:  “Be Happy Now!”  The purpose of the book is to help readers find their path to unconditional happiness.  If you’re one of those people who is currently struggling through the search for happiness, I highly recommend the book to you.

It is easy reading, pithy in content and sage advice, loaded with wonderful, suggested action steps and absolutely credible given the author’s professional and life experiences.  She, by the way, is Donna Daisy, PhD.  Donna is a psychologist, life coach, author and professional speaker.  Having met her, I can also say she is an outstanding human being.  You can’t miss happiness now, if you follow her advice in this book!

Why wait?  Be happy now!  Here’s a link to the book’s Amazon page.

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