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Why Wait?

In study after study about career or job change, the number one reason that initiates the change for the vast majority of people is the relationship they have with their immediate supervisor.  If it is a strained relationship, people are driven to change the situation even to the extreme of leaving a job.

Buried another bullet point or two down the list in these studies is a consistent reason for the strained relationship.  It is the fact that people want to feel like they are in the loop and truly appreciated for their efforts.  Put another way the studies confirm that even if a personal relationship with the boss isn’t close, being recognized frequently by that same boss can mitigate the drive for people to leave a particular job or occupation.

So, my question to all you leaders out there…and, as Seth Godin says in his book, Tribes, we are all leaders in one way or another…Why wait?  Why wait to give peoplefrequent positive and constructive feedback ?  Why wait to keep people in the loop or at least acknowledge their concerns even if you can’t speak to specifics for confidentiality reasons?

The answer to the question is you shouldn’t ever wait in providing frequent feedback.  Do it now and do it often!

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