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Will…I…Am The Conqueror

We all do it!  It’s endemic to our human nature, I think.  I don’t know why it is but I have some thoughts on how misguided we can be many times, in this regard.

Oh…I forgot…I’m supposed to give you some idea what I’m talking about.  Well, my subject has to do with all the things we think we have to conquer in life in order to survive and/or succeed.  So many times people think the enemy in this regard is coming from the outside, so to speak.  We, infrequently, look within to analyze whether there are some things about ourselves that we need to conquer.

This can be a huge mistake.   Let’s face it, if conquering our external challenges is our only focus, we may be missing the damage created by our internal challenges.  If such is the case, your battle is probably lost.

Here’s the thing.  You have to willing to conquer all the challenges in your life including your personal demons.  What’s that take?  It takes a will of steel and the determination of a Pit Bull.

Get yourself to that determined frame of mind and you can feel secure in your ultimate victory.  You can say because of my determined will…I…am the conqueror of all my challenges and the warlord over my life!

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