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Will or Won’t?

Here are some statements of fact, in my opinion, directly tied to the title of this article.  First, it is not the human won’t.  It is the human will.  Second, great things happen through a strong attitude of “will” rather than a negative atttitude of “won’t.”

It’s amazing to me the number of people who would deny the truth in the above facts.  As a consequence, they spend their lives wishing for greater success or good things to happen.  They just “won’t” do all the things necessary to attract good to any life.

What are some of those necessary things that are practiced by those who recognize the power of the human “will” in driving their success?  Here’s a few:

    • A positive self-image born through effort at denying the negative
    • Passionate self-discipline driven by a deep, emotional connection to their goals
    • A detailed, written plan providing a roadmap to their goals
    • An action orientation rather than one of over-analysis and procrastination
    • A sense of altruism and other-directedness that encourages trust
    • Recognition that life is fleeting and precious
    • Healthy respect of the unknown but not debilitating fear
    • Moving past horizons and into new experiences

With the above characteristics, people can do amazing things.  In short, “won’t” never will but “will” always can.

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