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Wish vs. Dream

Take a moment after reading this blog post and truly think about a powerful dream that you currently have.  By dream, I don’t mean the kind we have during sleep.  I’m talking about your desires for the future…The dreams you have for the future; be they related to family, material possessions, career path, education, spiritual growth, whatever.

Now, as I said pick one of those dreams.  You probably can’t do something about all of them all at one time…so, pick just one on which to focus momentarily.  When picking the dream on which you want to focus, make sure it is truly a dream not a wish.  What do I mean by the difference?  Well, a dream has some substance behind it.  It’s compelling.  It occupies a great deal of your focus because you have a deep emotional attachment to it.  In short, it’s still a dream because you haven’t reached it but your emotional attachment to it is so strong that it assures you will do the things necessary to make the dream come true.

A wish on the other hand is something you think you might like to have but there’s little spark of emotion behind it.  A wish kind of hangs around in your mind but you never seem to take positive action toward making it come true.  A wish will never come true, as such.  If you truly want it to come to pass, you have to create an deep emotional attachment to it which, by the way, then makes it a dream.

Let’s use the popular TV show, American Idol, to illustrate the difference between a performer with a dream and one with a wish.  Most certainly the contestants that reach the Top 10 serve as examples of people who have powerful dreams of succeeding as performing artists.  In my opinion, any contestant who falls by the wayside prior to reaching the Top 10 is a person who probably had more of a wish than a dream.  They were not emotionally compelled enough to do all the things necessary to hone their skills so they could make the cut.

Yes, natural talent has something to do with it but we all know people in our lives that we felt had all the talent in the world but they never did anything with it.  These people, too, don’t have the drive of an emotionally compelling dream pushing them forward.  In the current American Idol group of contestants, Adam Lambert and Danny Gokey strike me as having the most powerful dream to make it all the way to the top.  The other’s are clearly talented but they don’t seem to have the same powerful emotional commitment to their dream that convinces them they are worthy.

So, what’s all this mean to you?  Well, back to that dream I encouraged you earlier to take some time to really think about.  If you think about your dream with some focus, clarity as to the exact next step you should take will come to you.  And, making dreams come true is nothing more than taking a series of well planned steps toward them until they become a reality.  That is true because the really hard part to making dreams come true is finding the deep emotional attachment that converts a wish into a dream.

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