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Without Thinking

Unfortunately, you’re going to have to think about something, if you’re going to get anything from reading this post.  I know!  It’s a pain to have to work a little, if you’re going to gain something.

But, who said anybody could gain anything in this life without a little work…a little thought.  Today, there is a popular phrase being used all the time…Thought Leader.  Sounds so high and mighty, doesn’t it?  Like he or she who is a thought leader is way above or ahead of the rest of us.

Well, I’ve got news for you!  They are!  And, that’s because they are not habitually going through their lives following the crowd.  To the contrary, they are constantly ahead of the crowd creating new habits through creating new thoughts.

As Frank A. Clark said:  “A habit is something you can do without thinking–which is why most of us have so many of them.”  Implied in that comment is the lessening of the quality of life through living it by habit…without thinking.

Yes, you want to get yourself so familiar with a process that it becomes, without thinking, habitual.  You’re able to do it in your sleep, so to speak.

The problem comes when you get too comfortable in the “without thinking” state of your current habits.  Shake it up a little!  Make yourself stretch and grow!  Take one habit per month that you would like to change.  First, focus on how you would like to change it.  Next, define the actions you must take to accomplish that change.  Then, without thinking, keep doing those actions for the entire next month.

Without thinking, the change you wanted will be there.  The fact is though you acquired a new, improved, “without thinking” habit by thinking.  Now, that’s being a thought leader for yourself and that’s not being high and mighty…that’s being smart.

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