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Write This Down

As many of you may know, I enjoy Country Music.  The stories each song tells are worth the price of admission which usually requires listening to the whine of steel guitars.  Some people don’t like that sound, you know.  But, back to the point.  One recent story told through the creativity of Country Music is in a song sung by George Strait.  His song is entitled, Write This Down.  And, “write this down”…it’s a great story told by one of the greatest country artists of all time!

However, my enjoyment of Country Music not withstanding, this “write this down” is not about Country Music at all.  It’s about what it absolutely takes if you are going to have the greatest chance to succeed in life.  So, get out your writing implement because you’re truly going to have to…write this down.

If you want to be sure and fail in life, than leave its course up to lousy recall.  Conversely, if you want to assure success in life, write down the details of the course you will take.  When you leave your dreams up to recall they remain fuzzy and distant.  When you force yourself to write down your path to achieving those same dreams the resulting roadmap pulls you toward achieving the dream.

Goals are achieved not by recall but by the fact that you are compelled so strongly by the goal that you say:  I need to write this down!

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